Washington Valley Store, Nelson

It’s taken me a while to write up this blog, after a trip earlier in the year to Nelson, and I’m glad to finally be able to sing the praises of these pies.

The Washington Valley Store in Nelson is one of those perfect suburban hubs, full of a quirky mix of couches and stools to enjoy a coffee and a pie. 


The full glory of a pie is hard to capture in a photo, but somehow this car snap of a chilli con carne pie speaks far better than words. Such a perfect flacky top. The jalapeños were generous, the cheese adding a rich heartiness, and the sauce was full of flavour. While I would have enjoyed a little more mince in the pie, I think you’d have to expect to pay more for that (considering the eye watering local costs of any food items NZ exports), and it’s incredibly good value at $4.50 a pie. The vegetarian pie, full of sweet root veggies and earthy chickpeas, is a classic combination full of winter comfort. 


Laura, the store owner and pie maker, is warm and thoughtful. When she heard I was heading over to Golden Bay, she gave me good advice about the wait time for the road works on the Takaka Hill, which had been grinding on for months after some of the worst slips in memory. 

So rather belatedly, thank you Laura, for a creating a friendly spot to pick up a great pie in these winter months. Once the sun had left the Washington Valley in shade, this pie shop is the place to warm up. 


(Mural on the exterior of the Washington Valley Store)


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