This is a blog dedicated to celebrating the humble homemade pies that you’ll find up and down this country.  New Zealanders take great pride in their pies. Baked in the local tearooms, the superettes or the scruffy looking dairies on the edges of our rural towns, pies represent a cornerstone of wholesome, cheap Kiwi cuisine that refuses to be gentrified into flash food. Pies and summer road trips go hand in hand. Shared here are my families indefatigable efforts to track down and taste the perfect pies of Aotearoa.

I am, in no particular order, a mum, anthropologist, and enjoyer of food. Writing about pies is the perfect antidote to a life that oscillates between watching youtube clips about garbage trucks with my toddler, and the demands of academia.

I buy the pies myself and don’t do promotions for stores or piemakers.

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